2019 reading challenge summary

If television series and podcasts counted towards this challenge then I would have met my goal of reading 24 books in the year. As things are I read 21 books and we have two days left.

My reading is sporadic. Sometimes I listen to audiobooks while I’m cooking and at other times I listen to them while walking. I do read almost every night right before I go to bed but that may be a page or two. Sometimes I read for hours at night and skip the recommended amount of sleep.

I enjoy reading. I enjoy buying books. If I didn’t have the distraction of television series and social media I would read many more books than I read at the moment.

Imagine if books were television series. In a previous age those of us who like to watch television series and documentaries would have been avid consumers of books. it’s not that we don’t consume books, it’s that we could consume two to three times more books. If we did that would we get through our unread “pile” of books. It would make it easier for us to justify spending more on books.

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