A cycle route that reminds me of Ski slopes

How often do you go down a hill so steep that it reminds you of skiing?

Two days ago I went up a hill so steep that I needed to stand on the pedals and focus on every revolution. The slopes in Spain are often very steep so you need to be prepared mentally for them.

I went up this steep incline for the first time and I focused on just making it to the top. Once at the top the effort is easy.

I would recommend staying on the right side when cycling up this road because cars come down this route. When climbing one of these roads a few months ago I saw a scooter slide down on a wet patch for several metres.

I would also recommend taking normal shoes rather than clip in ones. I’ve tried steep inclines where I couldn’t rest because I couldn’t stop pedalling for long enough to unclip. After having this on two or three rides I have learned my lesson.

Yesterday I returned to the slope but tried going down and that’s when it reminded me of ski slopes. If this was a ski slope it’d be quite an easy one. As a road it’s not a comfortable one.

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