This Morning’s Dream

This morning I dreamt that I was looking in an old shed. For some reason it had bottles of coke and by accident it fell, hit the cap, and opened, It spilled a little, and I thought “I might as well drink it” and then tell the friend about my mistake. At that moment a woman surprised me. She started to talk to me and then for some reason there were two more people. The shed turned into an egg and it started to move uphill. At some point we reached the top and I stepped out.

I put my mask on while in the egg, and then we started walking down a path with wooden planks. It went down to a village where there was an event. I walked around and lost sight of the people from the egg and I arrived to a hole in the ground. I saw chicks at my feet and many more either floating the right way, or upside down with their legs sticking out. I questioned why they were there, and why no one was doing anything to help them.

Were they okay, or were they dead? It was confusing. I couldn’t understand what I was seeing.

I set my alarm to wake me at six every day, but some days I decide to go back to sleep and that’s when I have those vivid dreams, that I can partially remember. It’s funny that I dream of putting on a mask, but that I am okay with being around people.

During this pandemic my adventures are lived through dreams and books, rather than in person, as to live them in person, would require a compromise on safety. Pandemic life is bizarre, and so is pandemic life.

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