Installed long enough to test a 360 image

The app was only installed long enough to test that a 360 image was working properly and that it was the right one. As soon as that was ascertained I deleted the app again.

I object to all the adverts, I object to all the monologues, I object to all the marriage and pregnancy announcements. I object to the once a year happy birthday messages.

I used to like the conversations we had, the pictures we shared after events. I also miss the frequent updates by friends at any time of the day.

I’m hoping that by blogging we connect with people again. I also hope that we share with individuals rather than look at adverts.

Recently I saw that Instagram is better via a web browser because there are no adverts. This would almost make it usable again.

A Healthier collection of Apps.

If the user is the product then we might as well use a platform where, when we have enough traffic, we can monetise our content. WordPress is a good platform because it’s open source and it’s easy and intuitive to use.

Strava is a good app because it encourages you to keep up the sports habits.

Ingress is a good app because it’s something to do while waiting for people to come or events to start.